About the Developer of

My name is Jeff Yates - Developer of this website. I am so glad that you have found us. is all about helping people in their business development and operations. This includes training how to work with clientele, communication techniques, sales and marketing, and basic professionalism.

HISTORY OF: was a forethought in my mind two years ago while working on a construction project. I thought; how can I share my knowledge and expertise with thousands of people all around the world? 

The answer was simple - Build a website with guides, explainer videos, and downloadable media to help build and create success in other people's lives. 


My Background: I have an extensive diversity of knowledge, education, and career experience in technical and constructive fields. I worked as a technical analyst for a software company under Microsoft. My job was to troubleshoot and resolve issues with Windows, Internet, Games, Networks, and Hardware. I had two computers simultaneously working as my help to solve peoples PC problems. I learned all aspects of computers and networks. 

I am also a General Contractor in my local area. With the help and support of my wife; we have built two successful businesses working along-side very talented and well-known design firms in the Pacific Northwest. Our company completes renovation and design projects in residential and commercial applications. 

I have worked alongside and have helped several businesses that produce over a Million Dollars annually in sales and services accomplish their projects and installations. 

It is an honor to share our expertise and ideas!


I enjoy drumming, music, & coffee!