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Why donate to

We know how it works.

You visit a website looking for specific information such as how to start your own business, how to cook a delicious meal, or how to repair something in your home.

We specialize in helping people with their small business startups.

We do not charge for our tools & information! 

Thousands of other websites who "provide free information," make you scroll through ads, popups, and sneaky e-mail signup forms. Other sites only allow you to read a portion of the article before they hit you with a subscription request to finish reading the article. 

We do not fill our site with these kind of web tactics.

On, there are no membership requirements, secret information signups, e-mail spam popups. We occasionally have an affiliate logo with link if you so choose to click. 

What does my donation go to?

Your donation goes straight to hosting, development, and software expenses that we pay out each month to provide the best information available on a cool formatted site. Web development and sharing expertise takes hours of development each week. We do take a portion to keep our lights on and office up and running. We put a lot into our site and are grateful for every donation! 

So, Thank You for your trust and support!

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All Donations will show Dynamo Contracting LLC which is our Registered Business!
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