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Invest Tokens


Tokens are small investments. 

Just as someone says "As a token of my gratitude" we use tokens to invest in our

companies one small amount at a time. 

Invest $40.00 into a new lamp or $50.00 into monthly health and wellness.

Tokens boost your work and life productivity!

Office Token.png

Office Tokens

Investing into your office

Whether you are just starting your new business or have been a small business owner for some time, there are many elements you will eventually need to upgrade or replace at any given time.

Examples are Technology such as computers and smart devices. Other examples include Desks, Lighting, Storage, and Filing Cabinets.

Token amounts saved helps you purchase these necessary items. 

Personal Dev Token.png

Personal Development Tokens

Invest in your health and well-ness

You can spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on supplies, equipment, advertising, and marketing campaigns. What about spending a non-tangible amount on something more important than anything else? You! If you make time for yourself, you will start seeing the benefits such as more clarity, mental drive, positive outlooks, and a daily motivation to get things done! 

Marketing Promoting youlogo.png

Marketing Tokens

Market your business!

Marketing Tokens are an extension of the Web token example above. This time you are spending certain amounts of profit a website or business cards. People still like the tangible card. There is also a digital smart card that you can carry with your logo and information. This acts like a QR Code and downloads to the person's smartphone in contacts. It is automatic and secure.

digital business card logo.png

Click on logo 
for digital smart link

Web Token Investment

Invest in the Web

There are many web Tokens you can spend small amounts of money on that will boost your business exponentially. For example, creating a Facebook post with a boost or an Instagram account sharing quick photos and videos or your business in action can bring great results. Learn how to setup a google mapping site for free! Google offers this to every new business startup or existing business that needs a boost in web presence on their platform.

For every $ amount earned put a % of that into a token for your company!

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