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Learn about CrowdFunding


Simplified How it works

In order to understand how crowdfunding works you need to know how basic investing works. Basically, when you invest in another company whether a local business you personally meet with while investing money or a more advanced method using a broker, there are numerous ways to invest. 

The stock market, cryptocurrency, and bonds are common investments. Millions of people use apps to invest right from their smartphone or device. 

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One of the important facts to take note of is that crowdfunding is not instant return on investments. In fact, there have been investments we have made through crowdfunding that took two years before we were able to sell the shares that we purchased from the initial funding stage. Multiple investors decide on which inventive, fresh, and future driven investments will make their decision as yes. Some can gain hundreds of investors or even thousands. The offerings "minimum amount to invest per share" are based on what the company feels is needed for the idea to commence in all areas to launching of the product or service. 

Some Crowdfunding Offerings require minimum $150.00 to $400.00 to invest calculating share prices from $1.50 to $3.50 per share entry value. These are not for everyone but those who are registered to the crowdfunding site. Once your investment amount has been made then there will be updates along the way from the invested company which is required concerning progress and a report of what the investment funds are producing and what level of success. 

Whether you are wanting investors to help you launch your new idea or you would like to invest in another great product or service, there are many fruitful and lucrative outcomes if you have your ducks in a row. 

A great place to start is

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